Safe Kids Strong Teens

“[Safe Kids Strong Teens] is a program that makes a very difficult topic very easy for children to relate to and understand so they feel empowered about their own body and it’s safety.” -A guidance counselor

The Safe Kids Strong Teens prevention education program of HAVEN is presented in classrooms throughout Southeastern New Hampshire. Our team of educators present an age appropriate, interactive curriculum with the goal to prevent:

    • Sexual Abuse
    • Domestic Violence
    • Sexual Assault
    • Sexual Harassment
    • Bullying
    • Teen Dating Violence

Our program also helps to empower children to talk to a trusted grown up if they are ever hurt, confused or scared.

The Safe Kids Strong Teens education program consists of six presentations.

Personal Body Safety (with use of puppets), Grades K-4
Personal Body Safety (without puppets), Grade 5
Sexual Harassment and Bullying, Grade 6
Media Matters, Grade 7
C.A.R.E. Series – Consent, Awareness, Respect and Empathy, Grade 8 and up
K.E.Y. Workshop – Knowledge, Empathy and You, High School

Some of the initial successes of the Safe Kids Strong Teens program have come from schools reporting reductions in incidences of sexual harassment and bullying, increased help-seeking skills and improved decision-making. Through pre- and post- testing of our program we have seen a statistically significant positive shift in knowledge and attitudes. The most poignant results of our program are the many stories of children who found the courage to seek help after hearing the message of their right to be safe and free from violence.

With over 40,000 school-aged children and youth in the Seacoast area, HAVEN needs the entire community to join with us as we strive to end sexual and domestic violence and protect our most vulnerable citizens – our children.

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