Safe Kids Program

“Today I worked with a student who realized something in her past was in fact sexual assault and I truly believe that without your presentations she may have never come to that conclusion. We genuinely need people like you to come in and educate our kids so they what is appropriate behavior and what is not. I was able to help my student tell her mother and contact the appropriate authorities before anything further could happen and for that I am thankful.”  – School teacher

Sexual Harassment and Bullying

Grade 6
60 minutes
Students define terms Playing, Flirting, Bullying, and Sexual Harassment

• Educators lead frank but appropriate discussion with students about relevant examples of sexual harassment they have witnessed or experienced at their school
• Students are challenged to determine whether certain scenarios constitute playing, flirting, bullying, or sexual harassment
• Bystander interventions and how students can help create a safe school are discussed

Media Matters

Grade 7 (and up)
2 session series (120 minutes total)
Typically a two session workshop, each session = 45-60 minutes depending on class length

• An interactive quiz and discussion helps students explore the science behind how media messages affect them
• Educators discuss how the media uses gender stereotypes, sexual, and violent images to sell products
• Students actively deconstruct media messages by looking at current ads
• Links between interpersonal violence and media messages are explored
• Students examine the influence these images and stories may have on their own self-esteem and relationships
• Students are challenged to look at their roles in consuming and shaping media

C.A.R.E. Series – Consent, Awareness, Respect and Empathy

Grade 8 (and up)
2-3 session series * (180 minutes)

* Parts 1 & 2 required, Part 3 recommended for full benefit. Each session is 45- 60 minutes depending on class length

A comprehensive program designed to change attitudes, increase knowledge and build skills.
Educators promote the importance of communication in all types of relationships
• The danger of power imbalances is explored in unhealthy relationships
• Victim blaming and myths are challenged through engaging storytelling and scenarios
• Students learn the importance of consent and what consent looks like
• Students are encouraged to become upstanders and to take active roles in shaping safer and healthier communities

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