What is the Adult Protective Program?

Elderly, people in nursing homes, and people with disabilities all need support and services aimed to protect them and their right to self-determination. APP – Adult Protective Program is a program run by BEAS (Bureau of Elderly and Adult Services) which works to ensure the safety of vulnerable adults by providing protection from abuse and exploitation. Reporting to APP or BEAS is similar to DCYF in that they have their own toll-free line. However, unlike DCYF it is not staffed 24/7. You can contact BEAS from 8:00 to 4:30 PM Monday through Friday at (800) 949-0470 or (603) 271-7014. If the person you are concerned about lives in a residential facility or nursing home you can call the Long Term Care Ombudsman at (800) 442-5640 or (603) 271-4375. Your report can be anonymous and it will not fall under your responsibility to investigate any further. For information on services for people with vision or hearing loss call 1-800-351-1888 x 8352 for accessibility services. If you need support, you can set up an appointment with a HAVEN advocate and make the report together. Call 603-994-SAFE[7233] to speak with a HAVEN advocate about your concerns.

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