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Become a HAVEN Housing Partner Today

When a victim of domestic violence has a safe opportunity to leave, there needs to be safe housing available to them immediately. The lack of affordable housing in New Hampshire dramatically reduces options for survivors, often resulting in the impossible choice between staying with (or returning to) an abusive partner or becoming homeless.

HAVEN recognizes that addressing survivors’ housing needs requires meaningful, sustained partnerships with community partners, landlords, housing authorities, and local municipalities. These relationships play a crucial role in our goal of assisting those who require safe and affordable housing. HAVEN has a strong history of relationships and collaborations with organizations in both Strafford and Rockingham Counties. You can partner with us to help address homelessness, housing instability, and violence in your community!

"Working with HAVEN has been a great experience. They did an amazing job making the process go very smoothly and were able to help process all the paperwork with the tenant. I look forward to working with their Transitional Housing program as I have more vacancies to be filled."



Partnering Landlord- Seacoast, NH

Domestic violenceWhat is domestic violence?

Domestic violence involves a patterns of coercive power and control and includes physical, verbal, psychological and/or emotional tactics.

Why is domestic violence a barrier to safe housing?

Individuals who have experienced domestic violence are four times more likely to face housing instability than those who have not.

In fact, research has identified domestic violence as a primary cause of homelessness among families with children and the leading cause of homelessness for women.

  • Numbers vary, but estimates show that up 60% of women became homeless due to domestic violence and up to 92% of women who are homeless experienced some sort of physical or sexual abuse in her lifetime.

  • In New Hampshire, 40% of the homeless population consists of families.

By speaking up and showing compassion, we can become a community where everyone has a safe place to call home.

What are some of the barriers survivors face?

Domestic violence interferes with access to housing due to the financial and safety implications of the abusive relationship. It is not uncommon for survivors to have trouble finding housing because of poor credit, rental, or employment histories due to economic abuse and lack of control of their own finances describes many survivors.

How can HAVEN help?

HAVEN currently has three housing programs to assist survivors in overcoming barriers to housing stability and assist them in accessing safe, permanent housing. To learn more about these programs .

For survivors: we help find permanent housing, match families with assistance programs, help families secure household items and material goods, and provide case management services (including tenant-readiness training, economic empowerment programming, and workforce development) to help survivors reestablish their homes maintain permanent housing.

For landlords: we offer private sector and nonprofit landlords a case manager to serve as a point-of-contact when any issues or concerns arise. Financial assistance is dependent on the program, but can range from one time emergency financial assistance to prevent homelessness to paying a rental subsidy.


Benefits of Working with HAVEN:

Fill your units. When you have a vacant unit, please let us know. We work with survivors everyday throughout Rockingham and Strafford county that are looking for housing. Let HAVEN help fill your units!

Residents receive wrap-around and support services. HAVEN’s case managers work with the tenant families to connect them with resources and a support network.

Marketing advantages. Let prospective renters know that you are a HAVEN Housing partner and do your part to serve and care for our community.

Neutral party to mediate problems. Problems are sometimes inevitable. When issues arise, it can be reassuring to know that there is someone to call. We value our relationships with landlords because you are crucial in making our program work.

Prevent costly evictions. We work closely with survivors to ensure they are housed in units that they can afford but also can connect survivors and landlords to financial assistance to avoid the financial burden of evictions.

Make a difference. Be part of the community solution to address domestic violence. Community partners make our work possible.


By providing safe housing, you are supporting a family’s journey to self-sufficiency and healing. 

Thank you for your interest in partnering with HAVEN to provide affordable housing to our clients. We look forward to developing a long-lasting, equitable relationship with you.

Email us at to start making a difference today.


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