HAVEN has twenty staff members and four AmeriCorps Victim Assistance Program Members (AVAP)

Executive Director
Kathy Beebe, kbeebe@havennh.org

Education and Outreach Director
Sarah Shanahan, sarah@havennh.org

Client Services Director
Julie Wiggin, julie@havennh.org

Business Administrative Director
Cheryl Van Allen, cheryl@havennh.org

Development Director
Devin Oot, devin@havennh.org

Communication & Outreach

Office Manager
Jennifer McCann, jennifer@havennh.org

Community Liaison
Debra Altschiller, debra@havennh.org

Volunteer Coordinator
Annie Dowling, annie@havennh.org

Client Services Manager
Joi Smith, joi@havennh.org

Support Group Coordinator
Jo, jo@havennh.org

Advocate & Stats
Tammy, tammy@havennh.org

Education Manager
Emily Murphy, emily@havennh.org

Violence Prevention Educator
Erica Skoglund, erica@havennh.org

Violence Prevention Educator
Kelsey Brandon, kelsey@havennh.org

In addition to the wonderful staff listed, HAVEN also has three Family Violence Prevention Specialists, a Shelter Manager, and a Shelter Advocate.

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