It can be challenging and stressful to initiate or respond to legal proceedings against an abusive partner or spouse. HAVEN and our trained advocates are here to help by providing you with support and information about the legal system.

It’s important to remember that if you’re being abused:
• You have legal rights and options for protection.
• You are not alone.
• We will walk with you through this process.

We can help you and your family by:
• Providing information about specific legal protections offered to survivors of domestic violence.
• Explaining the processes involved in obtaining legal protection from an abusive partner or spouse.
• Referring you to local pro bono attorneys or legal assistance organizations for advice and representation.
• Offering support as you navigate through the legal system.
• Accompanying you to court hearings and advocating on your behalf to an attorney.

Please call our 24-Hour Confidential Support Line: 1-603-994-SAFE (7233) for information about local resources available to you.

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