Peer Support Groups

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Peer support groups can be a valuable part of the healing process for many victims/survivors of domestic and/or sexual violence. Participants can find strength, support, and validation by connecting with one another in a safe and confidential environment. Groups promote self-empowerment, reduce isolation, and provide a space to build on existing strengths.

Support groups are facilitated by trauma-informed, confidential advocates and all groups are free of charge.

How do I join a group?

Print and fill out the HAVEN Support Group Interest Form and mail it to:

Attn: Groups
20 International Drive Suite 300
Portsmouth, NH 03801


Call the HAVEN hotline at 603-994-7233 and ask for an interest form to be mailed to you. (Interest forms may also be picked up/dropped off at our Portsmouth and Rochester offices.)

An advocate will call to confirm that we have received your interest form and answer any questions you may have.


Healing Workshop

This Healing Workshop is for anyone who has been impacted by domestic and sexual violence. The main purpose of this workshop is to help trauma survivors gain a better understanding about the effects of their experiences and help create new, supportive relationships and empower survivors to manage their own recovery with greater understanding and new healing skills and healthy self-care practices.

Frank Alix and Stephanie Procopis are a husband and wife team who will lead this Healing Workshop, along with HAVEN Advocates. Frank lost his beloved daughter, Katlyn, to suicide at the age of 25 after she had been sexually assaulted and failed to receive the care and support she needed to recover. His book, For the Love of Katlyn offers lessons and healing practices to help others recover in honor of his daughter. Stephanie is a certified facilitator of Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga (TCTSY), an evidence-based practice for those affected by complex trauma or complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

This 5 week workshop will take place in Rockingham County in February 2018. 

HAVEN Empower Yoga

HAVEN and SATYA (Seacoast Area Teachers of Yoga in Action) have collaborated to offer a unique yoga practice for survivors of domestic and sexual violence. Empower Yoga provides the opportunity to practice taking control over your body by making choices about what you feel comfortable doing and not doing in a safe, supportive and non-judgmental environment without utilizing hands-on physical assists. Discover your inner strength, build confidence and learn coping skills to calm and get present when you need it most. This practice is adaptable to all age groups and levels of physical abilities.

The classes are taught by SATYA instructors Rochelle Jewell, E-RYT (Kripalu Certified Yoga Teacher) and Sarah Sherman, RYT. Both instructors are trained in Trauma Informed Yoga techniques. HAVEN Advocates are present at each class and are available to provide additional support throughout the program.

Our next session for women ages 13 and up runs from February 5th until June 14th, 2018. New attendees are welcome to join at any time and may attend sessions at both of our locations.

Mondays, 6:00 – 7:30 pm

Thursdays, 6:00 – 7:30 pm

Sexual Assault/Abuse Support Group

This is a confidential peer support group with a focus on empowerment and healing for adults who have experienced sexual violence and abuse as a child, teen or adult. Survivors of sexual violence may experience feelings of guilt, shame, self-blame and isolation. This group provides a safe environment for members to explore these emotions, realize that they are not alone and to gain support from others who have experienced similar trauma.

We will be scheduling this group for the spring of 2018, please submit an interest form and we will be in touch with more information.

Domestic Violence Group

This is a confidential peer support group with a focus on emotional health and safety for those who may be currently in a difficult or abusive relationship, as well as those who may be looking to leave, or have already left their abusive partner. This group provides a safe and supportive environment to break down the barriers and help empower members to take the next steps in their healing process.

We will be scheduling this group for the spring of 2018, please submit an interest form and we will be in touch with more information.

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