A_TransGender-Symbol_black-and-white.svgDomestic and sexual violence can happen in all relationships including the LGBT+ community.

• It is estimated that between 25 and 33 percent of LGBT relationships include abuse, a rate equal to that of heterosexual relationships. (NHCADSV)
According to a 2011 study, lesbian and bisexual women may be up to 3 times as likely as heterosexual women to report having been sexual assaulted during their lifetime; and gay men may be up to 15 times as likely as heterosexual men to report having been sexually assaulted during their lifetime (PCAR)
78% of transgender or gender non-conforming identity in grades k-12 reported significant rates of harassment, 35% physical assault, and 12% sexual violence. (PCAR)

Sexual Violence Against the LGBT+ Community can Include:

• Gender bullying in schools and the workplace
• Street harassment
• Sexual harassment and sexual assault

Barriers for LGBT Survivors

It is a common misconception that violence in LGBT+ relationships is mutual fighting. Similar power and control issues seen in heterosexual relationships can also be seen in LGBT relationships.

Unique issues that survivors in the LGBT+ community face:

• “Outing” – threatening to reveal a partner’s sexual orientation or gender identity
• Normalizing the abuse – the abuser may tell the survivor that the abuse is a normal part of their relationship
• Manipulation – the abuser may manipulate the survivor’s friends and family to gain their trust and/or to cut off ties with the survivor
• Force –  the abuser may force their partner to transition or interfere with the hormones their partner is taking

(Resource: NHCADSV)

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