Domestic Violence

42643557_lThe estimated number of men who have been physically assaulted, when standing shoulder to shoulder, would cover the state from Berlin to Manchester. (NHCADSV)

• Nearly 1 in 4 men (24%) reported being physically assaulted by an intimate partner.
• Two thirds of the perpetrators of physical assaults against men were other men; women perpetrated one third of the physical assaults.
• Overall, men are much more likely to be sexually or physically assaulted by another man.
• Physical violence against men affects all age groups but young men and boys are at greatest risk.
• In the case of physical violence, the perpetrator is most likely to be a spouse, ex-spouse or cohabiting partner.

Sexual Violence

It is a common misconception that men cannot be victims of sexual violence.

One in 20 New Hampshire men reported being sexually assaulted; over two thirds (68%) of those assaults occurred before the victim’s 18th birthday. (NHCADSV)

• 50% of reported assaults occurred when the victim was age 12 or younger; another 18% occurred between ages 13 and 17
• Sexual assault against men is primarily a crime against boys
• Young boys are much more likely to be sexual assaulted than adults
• Male sexual assault is a crime that affects heterosexual men as much as gay men

Barriers for Male Survivors

There are many barriers that can affect men from reporting domestic and sexual violence including but not limited to:

• The fear that police, medical professionals and advocates will be insensitive to their experience because women survivors are more prevalent.
• Male survivors may blame themselves for the incident and that they should have been able to defend themselves.
• In the event of sexual assault, male survivors may feel confused as they may have become sexually aroused when in fact this is a normal involuntary physiological reaction. Sexual arousal does not mean that there was consent.
• The fear of being perceived as gay. Sexual assault has nothing to do with sexual orientation of the perpetrator or the survivor. Sexual assault does not make male survivors gay, bisexual or heterosexual.

Resource: NHCADSV.  Click here to see the New Hampshire Violence Against Women Survey by the NHCADSV.

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