The number of women and men who have experienced sexual violence in the state of New Hampshire is alarming.

There are many types of sexual violence.

Sexual Violence is defined as a sexual act committed against someone without that person’s freely given consent.

Sexual Assault (Rape) is non-consensual sexual contact and/or penetration by physical force, threat of bodily harm, or when the victim is incapable of giving consent by virtue of power difference, mental illness, mental disabilities, intoxication or being under the age of consent.

What is Consent?

New Hampshire age of consent is 16 years.

Consent is when the individuals involved freely want or choose whatever the contact is. Being able to freely choose means without pressure, threat, manipulation or force.

What is Sexual Harassment?

Sexual Harassment is any unwelcome requests for sexual favors, advances, and/or verbal or non-verbal conduct of sexual nature commonly executed in a work or school setting.

Sexual Violence does not Discriminate

Sexual violence can happen to anyone. It affects people of all socioeconomic backgrounds and education levels. Sexual violence occurs in both heterosexual and LGBT+ relationships and can happen to intimate partners who are married, living together or dating. Sexual violence can also have a substantial impact on a victim’s children, family members, friends, co-workers, other witnesses and the community at large.

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