Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM): A History

Since it was nationally recognized in 2001, April has marked Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM), sparking month-long campaigns to increase awareness, prevention, and support for sexual assault survivors. This post will explore the roots of sexual violence awareness movement, HAVEN’s history, and how we can all do our part to advocate for a future without violence.

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Financial Empowerment for Survivors

April is Financial Literacy Month in the United States, making this an especially relevant time to discuss the impact of economic and financial abuse on survivors of domestic abuse. Financial abuse is a tactic used by a perpetrator to control and prevent a survivor’s access to money and other financial resources, which limits their independence and increases their dependence on the abuser. Like other forms of abuse, it can take many forms and often begins subtly and progresses over time. This post is aimed at identifying signs of financial abuse, examining its impact, and giving resources on ways to get help.

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