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Ending Violence, Changing Lives
September 30th, 2020│6:00pm

Virtually Hosted by

Virtually Hosted by

1. What is a virtual event?

The 5th Annual Ending Violence Changing Lives is a virtual event that donors, sponsors, volunteers, and our entire community, can attend from the comfort and convenience of their home, office, or wherever else you can think of, through a personal computer or mobile device. It will look a bit different from past years and even past events but we are so excited to present a shared unique experience for the Southeastern Region of New Hampshire and beyond!

2. How do I register for a virtual event?

You can register for Ending Violence, Changing Lives at

3. Will I still be able to donate if I do not register?

Yes! Access to the livestream of Ending Violence, Changing Lives is available to our entire community. During the event there will be text-2-give information where those who didn’t register can donate during the event!

4. When will I receive the instructions for attending the virtual event?

HAVEN is working diligently to prepare for this unique experience and will send you the necessary instructions within a one week of the event. Make sure that the email address associated with your registration is accurate and up to date so that there is no delay in receiving our communications.

5. Can my computer or mobile device handle the virtual event?

Ending Violence Changing Lives will livestream from HAVEN’s Youtube and Facebook pages. Links to those accounts will be sent out in communications for registered participants to avoid any confusion around where to view the livestream.

6. What if I won’t be able to make it to the virtual event on the night of?

 After the event, we will be sending a recorded version of Ending Violence, Changing Lives in a follow up email to those who had pre-registered for the event. This means if you buy either ticket levels, you will be able to enjoy Ending Violence, Changing Lives as many times as you would like.

7. What do I need to do on the day of the virtual event?

On the morning of the event, individuals who have registered will receive a reminder of the event and links to access it. Links will also be posted on our website for those who did not register. Live music by local artists will begin at 5:30pm, 30 minutes before the event starts. The event will begin livestreaming at 6pm on our Facebook and Youtube pages.

8. What is a VIP Party Pack?

VIP ticket holders will receive their Party Packs by 4pm on the day of the event if they live within a 25 mile radius of Portsmouth. There will also be an option to pick up the boxes at our Portsmouth office at 3pm on the day of the event. To secure your Ending Violence, Changing Lives VIP Party Pack you must select the VIP registration option. 

Please email with any additional questions about Ending Violence, Changing Lives.


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