Words From Our Interns Series
By: Shelbie Trompke

Shelbie currently interns at HAVEN and is a senior at the University of New Hampshire, with a major in Human Development & Family Studies, and a minor in Sociology.  Shelbie enjoys cats, reading, and drawing.



Positive affirmations are a useful way to practice positive thinking, self-empowerment, and self-care. Anyone can practice positive affirmations, and it’s a healthy and healing activity to do daily. Positive affirmations can also have an impact in survivor healing.

I know what you’re thinking, do positive affirmations actually work? The answer is, yes. There are certain things, that when done in order, you will see powerful results.
First, say the affirmations out loud to yourself. By doing this, you’re actually hearing yourself say the words, rather than reading them, and hearing them out loud helps to reinforce the power the affirmations hold. Take the time to sit down, focus on yourself, and recite the affirmations out loud. Second, write them down. Write the same affirmation down over and over again. The repetition not only helps you to remember it, but it will also help you believe it.

Third, write down affirmations on post-its and put them around your home. Put them on your bathroom mirror, to look at when brushing your teeth, put them on the fridge, in the hallway, in your car, wherever! These are just little reminders to take a moment to love and empower yourself.

Here is a list of 50 positive affirmations for you to try. Make some of your own and tailor them to your own needs.
1.) I am worthy of love.
2.) I am enough.
3.) My past does not define me.
4.) I have the ability to overcome anything.
5.) I have come this far, I can keep going.
6.) I believe in myself.
7.) I am loved.
8.) I will not give up.
9.) I am brave.
10.) I will always stand back up.
11.) I have done my best today.
12.) I will never quit.
13.) I am worthy of my dreams.
14.) I have the power to create change.
15.) I am capable.
16.) I radiate positive energy.
17.) I am special.
18.) I can do anything.
19.) I am courageous.
20.) I am doing my best.
21.) I trust myself.
22.) I am perfect as I am.
23.) I deserve the best.
24.) I am mindful.
25.) I allow myself to be my best.
26.) I do enough.
27.) I am content with my progress.
28.) My courage is stronger than my fear.
29.) I am beautiful.
30.) I support myself.
31.) I am thankful for this day.
32.) I feel glorious.
33.) I am amazing.
34.) I am a beautiful soul.
35.) I have purpose.
36.) I will continue to learn and grow.
37.) I am hopeful.
38.) I am living in harmony.
39.) I am at peace.
40.) I am strong.
41.) I can and I will.
42.) I am compassionate.
43.) I am valuable.
44.) I am determined.
45.) I am safe today.
46.) I can and I will heal.
47.) I am important.
48.) All of my feelings are okay.
49.) I am ready.
50.) I am a survivor.

Practice. Add to this list. Share with others. You are enough and you deserve to hear each and every one of these positive affirmations, every single day.