Why gift cards over donated items?


Oftentimes, our clients have had their power and independence taken away by their abuser. This is why we follow the Empowerment Model! In the Empowerment Model, we empower our clients by providing them the necessary resources to regain their independence.  With a focus on independence…we will NEVER tell our clients what to do.

This is why we prefer gift card donations!

Giving our clients gift cards empowers them to make their own decisions.

For example: Donating a gift card allows that client to pick the food they actually want to eat, it gives them the power to go into a store and pick the toys developmentally appropriate for their children, it gives them the option to buy clothes that actually fit their family properly, and it allows them the opportunity to do something as simple as buy gas to drive themself to the grocery store.

Gift cards can be mailed to HAVEN at 20 International Drive Suite 300 Portsmouth NH 03801. If you would like to coordinate a time to drop off gift cards, please email development@havennh.org . 

Send your gift cards by Giving Tuesday, November 28th!

The gift cards most needed/wanted by HAVEN clients are to the following retailers:

  • Grocery Stores
  • Gas Gift Cards
  • Amazon
  • Target
  • VISA Cash Gift Cards
  •  Walmart

To give a gift card is to give someone a choice. Scan here to donate a gift card today!