Giving Tuesday – Give The Gift Of Choice

This Giving Tuesday, donate the gift of choice in the form of a gift card!

Some of you might be thinking, “How does donating a gift card give someone the gift of choice?” 

Well, with HAVEN’s promotion of the Empowerment Model, a model in which we empower our clients by providing them with the necessary resources to regain their independence, gift cards allow our clients to choose what they would like to purchase.

Having the power of choice promotes growth and independence for our clients!

Now you might be wondering, what kind of gift cards are we looking for?

We are mainly looking for gift cards for department stores like Target and Walmart. 

Grocery stores, for example, Hannaford, Market Basket, and Shaws. 

Amazon gift cards are also highly appreciated as they allow our clients to look for items that may not be available in-store. 

And in terms of transportation, gas cards, and Uber gift cards help our clients get around a little bit easier, as well as give them the ability to freely go to work, run errands, pick-up their kids from school, without necessarily worrying about how to get there, or buying gas. 

And lastly, we will always accept VISA gift cards as they can be used for a wide variety of purposes!

To give a gift card is to empower someone with a choice. Scan the QR code in the video to donate a gift card today!

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