How to Respond When Kids Disclose

We all have a responsibility to keep the children in our community safe.

On April 9th, HAVEN hosted our 10th annual Kids Are our Business Breakfast to highlight the important work of our Safe Kids Strong Teens Violence Prevention program.

HAVEN’s Violence Prevention Educators travel to schools all over Rockingham and Strafford counties to provide classroom-by-classroom, age appropriate, interactive curricula to children in grades K-12.

All of the students receive the same key messages:

-They have the right to be safe.

-Their bodies belong to them.

-If they ever feel hurt, confused, or scared, they can talk to a grown-up they trust.

When children do reach out for help, we need to be ready.  What would you do if a child disclosed abuse to you? Watch our educators discuss how to best respond to disclosures so that you too can be a safe adult for children in your community.

How to Respond When Kids Disclose:

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