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Men’s Health Week

Men as Survivors

Men experience Sexual and Domestic Violence.

According to the CDC, nearly a quarter of men in the US have experienced some form of contact sexual violence. 31% of men experienced physical violence by an intimate partner, and 34% experienced psychological aggression from an intimate partner in their lifetime. HAVEN’s services are available to everyone looking for support, information, and resources.

Men are less likely to report their abuse.

Sexual and Domestic Violence is a severely under-reported crime. While sexual and domestic violence are both grossly underreported crimes, we know that reporting rates are even lower for male-identifying survivors. Male victims are also less likely to seek out medical attention for injuries sustained through domestic and sexual violence. HAVEN can help empower male-identifying survivors to seek help, and can help connect survivors of any gender to hospitals, courts, and other agencies.

Men don’t know help is available to them.

Males face unique barriers to accessing services that are mostly rooted in the perceived lack of male-serving organizations in their local community. They may fear not being believed or supported. In addition, many male victims do not recognize or define their experience as domestic violence. While many of the ways in which domestic violence affects males may be similar to female experiences, they may be expressed, received, or labeled differently for men. HAVEN believes and supports all survivors, regardless of gender or identity. HAVEN is here for you.

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